Are you asked about sexual orientation when donating blood?

Yes. The red cross (because of the fda) still requires it, primarily questions about men having sex with men. It is a disqualifying factor - for now.

Related Questions

I was wondering could lithium change your sexual orientation?

No reason to believe. There is no reason to believe that lithium or any medication could change anyone's sexual orientation. In fact, there is no documented technique that can do it. Finally, there are problems associated with efforts to do it. If you are unhappy with the orientation that exists, please consider psychotherapy to help you adjust. Your acceptance need not direct your behavior in ways you don't want.

How to change sexual orientation if attracted to older men but just superficial relationship and at the same time admiring girls??

Not sure that I. understand, exactly; but there's no evidence that one can change one's orientation, or that there's an illness associated at all with being attracted to either gender, or both. If you have anxieties about who you're attracted to, you can seek counseling to cope with those feelings of discomfort, yet there's nothing wrong with who one is attracted to, however. I hope that helps.

Should I tell my doctor my sexual orientation? Very likely he would be disrespectful but being underage I have no choice but to see that doctor.

Being Gay. That is a good but tough question. Do you have any urgent medical need that your sexuality may okay a role in? Do you need to know about sexual risks? STDs? The new approach to HIV prevention? You may try out giving him the gift of your truth. But if he reacts poorly there are other options. Here is another place to start to find help: http://www. Glma. Org.

What's sexual orientation origin?

Unknown. Studies on sexual orientation have looked at genetic, biological, anatomic and social causes. No one characteristic has been found to explain sexual orientation and erotic attraction likely, it is a combination of biologic and environmental factors.

I have OCD and I'm worried about sexual orientation. Is this normal?

OCD can latch on to. Just about any topic and cause great pain and confusion. In that sense what you mention is "normal." The focus may change to other topics over time. Please see a mental health professional for OCD and you can also discuss sexuality. Peace and good health.

Gay males make up only 1% of the U.S population. That discouraging statistic has made me disappointed with my sexual orientation. Advice?

Review articles on. Surveys of self-identified homosexual males & females. Prevalence figures vary widely, depending on methodology, like veiled vs. Direct questions, reports of sexual attraction vs. Sexual activity & other factors like geography. Gore Vidal wrote “Most people are a mixture of impulses, if not practices.” Many people do not consider themselves as being at either end of the spectrum exclusively.