Anyone know about davinci robotic surgery risks?

As with all surgery. The risks are comparable to conventional laparoscopic surgery but robotic technology allows the surgeon to see the anatomy better and provides greater capability to address more complex anatomy. The risks are no different than other laparoscopic surgery and are dependent on the individual patient's problems as well as the surgeon's experience and skill.
Same . All surgeries carry similar risks that are specific to the procedure regardless of the technique used. Risks might include bleeding, infection, injury to the bowel or bladder, anesthetic complications, deep venous thrombosis or even death. Be sure you choose an experienced surgeon who has performed may procedures using the davinci technique.
Robotic risks. There is the risk of the robotic arm freezing or locking up. The arms are strong and can cause injury if the surgeon isn't careful. The robotic arms can bump into the patient on the outside if not properly positioned. If the surgeon is experienced, the risks are really no different than a non-robotic operation though. I prefer to use the robot when possible.
Laparoscopy plus. The risk unique to robotics at least in gynecologic surgery is that many surgeons take much longer to perform a surgery using robotics. Complication due to lengthy time under anesthesia...In one position...Having pelvic surgery, can be decreased substantially by decreasing operative time. Patients choosing an experienced and talented robotic surgeon will have a much lower complication rate.
Similar to regular . Risk are similar to regular laparoscopic surgery. Bleeding infection risk of heart attacks or stokes.
Risks are lower. Multiple studies have confirmed that robotic surgery is generally safer, among other benefits. The gains are moderate, so the other doctors are correct when they say "about the same, " but the evidence is steadily mounting that robotic surgery is superior in many areas. You can start exploring the evidence here: http://www.Davincisurgery.Com/clinical-evidence.
Depends. This type of surgery is highly dependent on the trained surgical specialist who performs this operation. The risks are about the same as any other laparoscopic surgery, and depends on the type of robotic surgery being performed or why the surgery is being performed.
Depends on type. The davinci robot is used in many specialties. There is a rigorous training course before surgeons can operate on the robot. In gynecology, the surgical risks are similar to laparoscopic or open surgery. Generally, incisions are smaller than open surgery and heal well. Visualization is excellent with the robot, making errors less likely.
Risks. The risks of robotic surgery are the same as for laproscopic surgery and are primarily dependent on the experience of the surgeon.