Can acute late stage Lyme disease get misdiagnosed with among other things as dissociative identity disorder (traumatic past)?

Lyme affects brain. Acute lyme is recent onset. Late stage lyme often includes neuroborreliosis, lyme infecting the brain. This can manifest as a variety of psychiatric symptoms. Those with past trauma will have a harder time healing from this if they have neuro lyme. Few with lyme have diss. Identity disorder- if they do, address not just lyme but history of trauma. See http://www.Lymeinfo.Net/neuropsych.Html.
Complicated. Lyme disease does not usually manifest as multiple personality disorder. I would carefully consult with your doctor and psychiatrist before drawing wide conclusions.
Not similar. It would be difficult for the two presentations to be mistaken for one another. Work with a skilled clinician for diagnosis.

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If one has a diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder for 4 yrs & symptoms worsen during a Lyme disease herx, what should one conclude?

DID + Stress = worse. It is highly likely that the state you live in with did is rather stable and you do your best to keep things known, quiet, and "comfortable." illness/trauma or other unpredictable intrusions into this will tend to worsen your symptoms as it unbalances your world. Will likely stay that way unless you get professional psychological help during the crisis while you address the 'new' issue. Good luck! Read more...