Can anyone help me?! shortness of breathe, vertigo, weakness, have issues for 4 years now. Is this adrenal fatigue? Or candida overgrowth? Or lyme?

U need a good doctor. If there is a rational explanation for this prolonged illness it may require a lengthy and detailed evaluation. Suggest you begin with an internist or infectious disease expert and let them dictate the need for other forms of consultative input.
Issues , fatigue,... I suppose you are under care for those symptoms, if not, see cp, fp or holistic dr.To determine if is adrenal fatigue, or candida or lyme disease.Some specifics labs for those could be done. But the most important think is a complete medical history, physical exam, more info about time, rash, camping, dogs at home, joint pain, muscle, x/r chest, some labs, i will suggest you to contact a physician.

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I am 30, female in decent health, recent history lyme. Having worsening shortness of breath and extreme fatigue, episodes of dizziness. Not anxiety. Help?

Can be many things. You might be suffering from a number of ailments. Hopefully, you were treated for your lyme's, but you could still get it again. You might be developing hypothyroidism, as many of your symptoms are seen with this. Finally, some of this might possibly be autoimmune, like rheumation arthritis, or something else affecting your autonomic nervous system. See your dr. For tests like autonomic, etc. Read more...
Treatment? Did you get treated with antibiotics? If so, perhaps not for long enough. Go back to a docotor to help you determine if lyme is still present. Read more...