I'm constantly having shortness of breathe, and now I'm becoming dizzy, what is the reason? My doctor says I have sinus tach, what do I do?

Short of breath. First off - determine why you are having sinus tachycardia - i think once you fix what ever is causing that the shortness of breath will resolve. Anemia, medications, caffeine, thyroid issues can all cause a rapid heartbeat. The key is finding out why you are having the rapid heartbeat to begin with.
Need to know cause. If your doctor told you you have sinus tach i'm assuming you've had a full checkup including ekg - sinus tach means that your heart beats fast and in your case is causing these symptoms. Sinus tach is not normal and you should find out why you have it and treat the underlying cause. It is also possible that your symptoms may not be related to sinus tach - either way you should seek medical care.

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30 yrs age. Shortness of breath for long time. Dizziness in morning only today. Ecg normal. Lung test nrmal. Doctor not found any reason. What can it b?

Several reasons. Normal ecg/lung function tests are good for screening, if u still have shortness of breath, more tests can be performed as stress tests / challenge tests, u have a thyroid problem as well, hypothyroidism can lead 2 overweight, decreased activity and easy fatigue which can be interpreted as shortness of breath, also anemia, low blood pressure, etc further evaluation is needed if condition persists. Read more...