Is there a way to determine if your child has a food aversion versus an allergy, like peanut butter versus something cooked in peanut oil?

Allergy blood test. Your pedi can do blood testing for peanut allergy. Allergy symptoms can include itchy mouth, lip or tongue or facial swelling, difficulty breathing, or hives. Food intolerance means child may have mild symptoms and will likely outgrow the allergy. Only 30% of kids outgrow peanut allergy sometime between 6 yrs and 16 yrs.Problem. Peanut allergy can be life threatening and related to any peanut p.
Allergies. If you are allergic to peanuts, you are allergic to anything that is made with peanuts. You may even break out if you consume something that was made in a plant that uses peanuts in other foods. Peanuts and tree nuts should be avoided until age 4 years, as the allergies to these has increased. If you suspect any allergy i urge you to have your child see an allergist at once.
Aversion ? The word means they don't like it.That should be obvious as soon as they can turn their head to avoid it. Allergies can be detected thru blood/skin testing. Intolerance occurs when the allergy tests are negative but they have symptoms on the material.A classical example is lactose intolerance where they get cramps/diarrhea when fed liquids/solids with lactose.You aren't allergic to lactose.
Peanut allergy? Hi, best to see an allergist if possible especially if the child is getting sick.