I heard and felt a pop in my knee, I still can walk and be active. I have slight swelling on the inside of my knee. I also have osgood-schlatters?

See your doctor. You will have to get this checked by a doctor to see what it means. Often a "pop" followed by swelling means something has torn, like a meniscus or ligament. However, it is not uncommon for such pops to be benign. An orthopedic exam of your knee should find out, although sometimes an MRI will be needed if it is suspicious for a significant injury. Symptoms of o-s are different, as you know.
Knee Injury. If you have swelling, you should have your knee examined to determine if a more serious problem exists inside of the joint.

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What do you think is happening with my prepattela bursa that is swelling without pain? I do have Osgood Schlatters below that knee. I have aspirate

Bursitis. When a bursa becomes swollen, it is usually because it has developed into a bursitis. Bursitis will typically have either a mechanical, inflammatory, or infectious etiology. Once the etiology is determined, the treatment can be started to get rid of it. Read more...

I have osgood schlatters. But lately, my knee has been hurting on the inner side when I bend it. Also kneecap feels weak. Can I still play vball. Crutches?

Mcl strain. You may or may not have a strain of your medial collateral ligament. RICE= Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation and follow up with an Orthopaedic Surgeon. Your hip joint will also require evaluation to rule out referred pain. You'll be fine good luck. . Read more...