Does treatment for bimaxillaty protrusion always require teeth extraction?

No! There are several methods available to avoid tooth extraction for treatment of bimaxillary protrusion. First of all, it may not require specific treatment, since it is a normal finding in some ethnic faces. If it does require treatment, it may be orthodontics alone, or it may involve distraction osteogenesis, a surgical procedure designed to increase the arch length of the jaw without extractions.
NO. Orthognathic surgery may be another option but more invasive. Extraction of bicuspids followed by orthodontic braces is the less invasive procedure to correct the problem and is commonly used by orthodontists.
NO. Bimaxillary protrusion: a condition where the upper and lower front teeth are forward (protrusive) is quite a common reason for orthodontics. If space is available in the rear, then no, treatment can be done without tooth removal. It is perfectly acceptable to remove 4 teeth and treat this problem with great results. Remember not all races look good with the same profile. It may need no treatment.
Not necesserly. It really depends on the distance between the upper and lower jaws(overjet) the tx. Varies from slight filling between the teeth to creat space to extractiuons of whole teeth to creat even much larger needed spaceyour orthodontist well decide when he or she examine you .
No. Everyone needs an individual diagnosis. I have seen people treated without extraction.
Not necessarily. Bimaxillary or orthognathic surgery, like most surgical procedures are extremely patient specific. Your local orthodontist and maxillofacial surgery will work together to develop a treatment plan that is best for you. As always, if you are not comfortable with their opinion, second opinions are very helpful.