Pheochromocytoma what kind of dr do u see for this?

For surgery. When it is time to have the tumor removed, some of these surgeries are done by urologists and others are done by general surgeons or endocrine-specific surgeons.
Pheochromocytoma. For this you may see a nephrologist or endocrinologist most often follow this disorder, but you may also see a cardiologist or your internist. Most important is to control your blood pressure.
IM, or Endo. The problem is usually diagnosed by and internest, or more liekly by a nephrologist or endocrinologist, although any astute pracitioner can make the diagnosis. After imaging studies to localize this, you will be sent to a surgeon, most likely to have it removed. It can also be a feature of a broader condition called multiple endocromatosis syndrome. Laporascopic surgery can remove the tumor!