When they remove your gallbladder and biopsy it what other than cancer are they looking for I have dyskinesia will the biopsy say anything about that?

A few things. Gallbladder cancer is very rare, but its one reason to have the pathologist look at the gallbladder. We may also see infection. Chronic cholecystitis (inflammation) is the most common pathology. Dyskinesia means your gallbladder doesn't work right. Typically the path will be chronic cholecystitis, or sometimes it looks totally normal.
Biliary dyskenesia . Biliary dyskenesia is a problem with function as opposed to a structural problems such as gallstones. When the pathologist looks at the gallbladder first they determine whether there's any malignancy within it which is extremely rare. Second they look for any evidence of inflammation. With biliary dyskinesia the most common pathologic reports are benign gallbladder or chronic cholecystitis, which is evidence of chronic inflammation and is very common with billary dyskinesia.