Which type of doctor should I see for a mastectomy?

General Surgeons. Mastectomies are performed by general surgeons such as myself. This is most commonly done to treat breast cancer but it is an option to prevent breast cancer in high-risk women. Many women opt for simultaneous reconstruction; this is performed by a plastic surgeon.
General or breast. Surgeon usually perform mastectomies , a plastic surgeon would perform the reconstruction .
General surgeon. Mastectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the breast. You should see your family doctor who would refer you to the proper surgeon. I am not sure by what you mean "its for a test" though. Best not to look up your medical care on google and best to seek the actual advice from your treating doctor.
A general surgeon. Most mastectomies are performed by general surgeons. However, as with most procedures, a move towards having this performed by a specialist is increasingly seen in the U.S.. Your family physician or primary care physician should be able to guide you to a reputable surgeon in your area.
Breast surgeon. Look for a reccommended general surgeon or breast surgeon. Plastic surgeons usually work with them to plan the reconstruction along with the mastectomy, typically during he same surgery.
A surgeon. Who specializes in breast diseases preferably. Go see your primary doctor for a referral.
Referral request. These questions are best answered by the doctor who made the diagnosis or is providing care to a patient.
Breast cancer. If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer you should be referred to a general should performs breast cancer surgery as part of their practice. Depending on that consultation you would be referred to a plastic surgeon for immediate reconstruction if you are having a mastectomy. All of these visits and surgeries are covered through private insurance by the 1998 women's health rights act!
Also see a.. Also see a board certified plastic surgeon . See one early and he/she can help discuss your post mastectomy reconstruction options, help design your incisions- your plastic surgeon will be with you for many years as reconstruction is staged.
General Surgeon. Board certified General Surgeon.