My 8 week old baby has an acid reflux. Is it safe to add rice cereal to his formula and will it help?

Depends. It may help to decrease the reflux, not necessarily the acid. A medicine such a Prevacid (lansoprazole) would help witht he acid production. I would discuss these with your pediatrician.
Yes, it may. Rice cereal is quite safe and often used to thicken the formula in hope that it will reduce the reflux..As it is easier to reflux liquid vs solid foods. Just try a little bit at a time..It may or may not help with reflux. You may want to keep baby head-up a bit after feeding and during sleep--some use a carseat etc..To keep baby head elevated. If symptoms persist, consult doc. Congrats + good luck.

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What do I do if my 5 month old baby has bad acid reflux? I put rice cereal in his bottle but it only makes him constipated.

Reflux. Sometimes changing the milk helps. Sometimes medicine is required. Your doctor can help you determine what you need. Read more...
Baby reflux ideas. Are you sure it is acid reflux? See a doctor because there are medications that can help. Sit baby upright and do not let the baby bend too much in stomach area while eating and afterwards. Try smaller frequent meals try a different grain in the bottle (barley?). Could try a different formula. Breast feed the next one! can introduce prune juice to reduce constipation. Try whole grain rice. Read more...