Can wind really cause or worsen an ear infection?

Wind & ear infection. Wind will not cause or worsen an ear infection. But exposure to cold wind can make your ear pain worse when you have an ear infection.
Mostly a myth. While kids get more colds during the windy times of the year, and then get ear infections, the wind didn't cause them. Covering the head with a cap/scarf would not stop them. Germs cause ear infections & are more likely if a cold has triggered middle ear fluid.
Actually yes. Wind, by virtue of bernoulli's law can exert pressure, both positive and negative on the tympanic membrane, exacerbating pain. A child with an earache sitting next to an open car window will have more pain! mild wind outside will not hurt, but there degrees.
New one. Have never heard this before. Certainly a tornado might not be good, but cannot even imagine how normal winds might make an ear infection worse. Perhaps some of the other doctors on this panel will have a better response.