My 5 month old has milk allergy and reflux. On neocate and axid (nizatidine) bidx 3 months. At 98% for weight, still in pain, refluxing. Should we scope?

Wrong forum. This is a complicated question that can't be answered on the internet. The fact that your baby is at the 98th percentile for weight is reassuring that there isn't a serious underlying process, but there isn't as much of a knee-jerk, cookbook approach to the practice of medicine as many people think. This is a decision for the pediatrician, allergist, and GI doctor who know your baby well.
Yes. But? Raises oth. If a five month old child has milk allergies, it has been exposed too early to non-mothers milk. Formulas do not have animal or human milk, so exposure occurred to early. The infants intestine does not completely digest food, but actually takes in some nutrient whole, by the process of pinocytosis. He allergy can be confrimed by a blood test. Reflux in a child this young should lead to a "scope".