After 3+ weeks of yeast infection, 2 rounds of diflucan (didn't work), now on day 5 of terazol, (terconazole) still in pain with infection. What to try next?

Gynecologist . See either your gynecologist or infectious disease specialist. May not be a yeast infection. May be some other infection. Start with gynecologist first. You need an exam. Hope this helps.
Reassess. After a few rounds of therapies that do not work for a vaginal yeast infection, it is best to follow up with your physician. Some causes may be due to: 1) misdiagnosis 2) Fluconazole (diflucan) resistance or 3) other exacerbating factors such as high estrogen contraceptive pills, poorly controlled sugars in diabetics, or usage of irritating lubricants just to name a few.