How can I slow down hair loss after bariatric surgery?

Zinc, biotin, protei. Hair loss is temporary after gastric bypass. It is due to nutrients being directed away from hair. You can decrease this effect by increasing nutrients like zinc, biotin, and protein. Many patients have also told me that Minoxidil solution (rogaine) for a few months can stop the hair loss.
Hair loss is common. ...After any surgery, especially one that dramatically changes your nutritional intake; it's called "telogen effluvium." it's temporary, and the hair will grow back, but it might take awhile (weeks to months). It's worrisome, i know; happened to me after an operation, and i knew what it was, and knew it would grow back, and it still freaked me out! but rest assured, it's a temporary thing.
Do not think so. I do not think any association with your hair loss after bariatric surgery. Stress , hormone imbalance , change in shampoo can cause hair loss. You need to mention to your dortor to get evaluate.

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What is the best way to stop hair loss after bariatric surgery?

Few things possible. Hair loss after bariatric surgery may be related to a number of things. Make sure proteins are a good part of your diet. Vitamin losses especially b vitamins and c can contribute - take a multivitamin and check your levels. Thyroid inactivity can also contribute so have your TSH and thyroid level checked. Read more...
Zinc, biotin,protein. Hair loss is temporary after bariatric surgery. Zinc, biotin, and protein can minimize the amount of hair loss. We have had many patients use rogaine (minoxidil) for 2-3 months with immediate cessation of hair loss. Read more...