How can I enhance the beauty of my unborn baby?

Love love your baby. Keep yourself healthy-eat a healthy, balanced diet, regular exercise, and be a good/kind person/mother. Love your baby...That are all the best thing you can do and in your eyes your baby will be beautiful. As babies are precious and beautiful. When you love someone. That person is beautiful. U can't change gentic, but can change how u feel. Follow up with your doc regularly. Congrats and good luck.
Beauty. Well, eating a well balanced diet and getting plenty of rest and exercise during pregnancy will help. Watch that you don't gain too much weight and be sure to keep all your prenatal appointments.
Beauty. Physical appearance is the manifestation of genetic input. These characteristics are already determined in the unborn fetus. Healthy lifestyle and care during the pregnancy would help for a better outcome and therefore a better nutritional status of the fetus. There aren't any supplements that you can take to beautify your baby.