I have two small red dots flat under the skin in my mouth on inside the cheek other back top of my roof they don't hurt I also have a sore throat?

Red dots. This is impossible to diagnose without a visual examination and additional information. If they don't heal or disappear in 7-10 days, have them examined by your dentist or an oral surgeon.

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Had protected sex around 5days ago, now have faint red dots over my chest/stomach, also have sore throat, head, back and fever, is this serious?

Difficult to say. Although your symptoms could be due to a sexually transmitted disease (STD), and having unprotected sex puts you at high risk for STD. On the other hand, the symptoms you describe could be related to a viral illness and unrelated to your sexually activity. You should be tested for STD as soon as possible and before you are sexually active again. In the future, protect yourself, use condoms. Read more...