Who dr do you see for urticaria?

Some simple solution. Many types, but an easy cure without asignificant side-effects is the combination of Hydroxyzine (50mg) at night with rantidine (300mg). Most people experience significant relief, almost immediately. Both of these drugs are $4.00/mo at target, walmart, kroger's, etc.
Urticaria. Chronic hives is a condition where a rash repeatedly appears on a person's body. Allergies, infections, pressure, exercise, heat or cold can all cause chronic hives. People with this condition have a choice of specialists to turn to; allergists, internists and dermatologists can all offer treatment options.
Allergist I'm biased. Many cases of acute urticaria have an easily identified trigger and then you are left with taking medications to control the symptoms. If they continue to pop up then you need to find the cause. An Allergist will be more equipped to help you find the cause.