What can cause swollen throat glands?

?swollen neck glands. Viral or strep infection of the throat are the most common cause of bilateral swollen neck lymph glands. Swelling of glands on only one side or in the absence of a throat infection raises questions of other causes like lymphoma, leukemia, etc.

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Can salivary gland swollen and swollen throat be caused by lysol inhalation and misdiagnosed as globus? If so what can I do it's been 2 weeks

#1-stop smoking. Lysol can probably irritate the throat but after two weeks it should be better. There are other causes of swelling too. Can your Dr. see the swelling? If there is no swelling to see or feel, than globus might be the most likely explaination . Read more...

Can someone tell me how to get rid of swollen throat glands?

Further evaluation. This requires further evaluation. Are we talking about tonsils in the throat, prominent salivary glands under the jaw or perhaps lymph node swelling in the neck? Please see your doctor. Read more...