Who do you see for gynecomastia?

Your doctor. While most cases of gynecomastia have no known cause, it can occasionally be associated with other abnormalities, and is often temporary in teenage boys. Start with your doctor. If he/she feels you need surgery, see a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options. This is a common procedure that can achieve excellent results with the right surgeon/patient/problem combination.
Team approach. Depending on your age and your medical regimen, you might start with your primary care doc. Gynecomastia is often driven by medications, particularly in an older population and with an adjustment to your medications, the tissue can recede. Surgeons, can remove the excess tissue with a surgical procedure. Often both are used, surgical procedure and medical adjustment.
Gynecomastia. I suggest first seeing your primary doctor, who will be able to rule out any hormonal causes of your breast enlargement. If this is clear, you may be referred to a plastic surgeon for correction. This may involve either liposuction, skin excision, or both depending upon the severity. Best wishes, /nsn.
Plastic Surgeon. A board certified plastic surgeon is your best address for correction of gynecomastia. The goal for such surgery is to leave you with a normal appearing male chest. Ideally your scars should be located exclusively in the areola if possible. These scars usually heal virtually invisibly, and this is desirable, since most men want to feel comfortable bare chested without stigmata of surgery.
Progression of MDs. At first you may discuss with your pediatrician if you are a teenager. You might then consider an endocrinologist to evaluate for possible hormone problems. Lastly you might consider seeing a plastic surgeon for excision.
Family doctor first. Gynecomastia is a harmless condition, first you see your family physician after examination if you want surgical removal of excessive breast tissue , due to cosmetic reason or psycholagical reason , will recommend you to a cosmetic surgeon, or breast surgeon.