I'm taking doxycycline for a possible chlamydia infection, will it still be effective if I drink alcohol during the one-week regimen?

Not as effective. Alcohol can decrease the effectiveness of the antibiotic. With Doxycycline no milk or dairy within 2 hours of taking it because it definitely affects the absorption of the doxycycline.
If you are not. Drinking continuously....(whole new set of problems), and only have an occasional drink not within two hours of the medication it should still be effective.

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What treatment is recommended if two rounds of Azythromycin (1g) and 14-days of Doxycycline haven't cleared up vaginal Chlamydia infection?

Partner checked? It would seem highly unlikely that the infection is not cured if you've gone through this therapy. This raises the possibility that you got reinfected??? or it is NOT just Chlamydia - perhaps something that hasn't yet been diagnosed (like Mycoplasma). Or the germ is resistant-but that's the least probable of the 3. Hopefully an Infectious Diseases specialist can help you, if you're not seeing one. Read more...