Rattling sound when 3 mo baby coughs accompanied by stuffy nose, no fever, eating and sleeping normally, urinating & bm normal, not fussy. Possible dx?

URI. This sounds like a simple head cold. Use some saline nse drops and a rubber bulb syringe to clear the baby's nose.
Nasal Saline. The sound that you are hearing may be from the lungs or from his congested nose. Infant nasal saline drops and gentle suction are used to remove the mucus. Babies like to breathe through their noses especially during the first year of life and keeping the nasal passages clear will help him breathe. Please follow up with your doctors office and monitor his temperature.
URI. Use a cool mist vaporizer, saline nose drops and bulb suction. If the baby runs a hlgh fever or gets lethargic or does not want to feed call doctor immediately.