Is psoriasis the same as scleroderma?

No. Scleroderma is condition in which the skin hardens. Psoriasis is am autoimmune condition that produces a flaking red rash and changes in the nails.

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Mild Psoriasis sufferer, chronic pain right forarm & elbow. Blood tests 80 titre ana, positive anticentromere. Psoriatic arthritis or scleroderma?

Occam's Razor. Usually Systemic Sclerosis and/or limited Scleroderma is not characterized by arthritis like you describe. The typical biomarker the anti Scl-70 (anti-topoisermorase). Symptoms have to be put into context and better described than elbow and forearm pain. This one you should see a rheumatologist about. Dermatology would be useful as well. Best of luck! Read more...