A day every wk or 2 am so tired, dozing off while walking. Sleep dr. Seems to ignore complaint. I question if I need stimulant. Do sleep drs prescribe?

Sleep. It doesn't look like you have had a sleep test. If not definitly get one you may have sleep apnea and treating it may help save and lengthen your life.
Dont understand ? If you are having daytime somnolence, your doctor needs to help you find a cause. My best guess, particularly if you are overweight is that you have sleep apnea, which a sleep doctor can determine with a sleep study (polysomnography). Nobody should prescribe anything, let alone a stimulant, until a diagnosis is made. If you are overweight, lose weight. If dr doesnt listen, get second opinion.
Get another opinion. Before taking stimulants, you need to be sure there is no underlying medical condition. Sleep apnea comes to mind, but also an underactive thyroid, anemia, and chronic hepatitis are a few of the possible causes of fatigue. Perhaps there is a lifestyle issue as well. How are you sleeping? Do you eat healthy food? Are you drinking too much alcohol? If your doc won't check, ask another.
See your PCP. and request ambulatory sleep test. A sleep disturbance is any condition that prohibits one from achieving restful, restorative sleep. These disturbances may be primary or occur secondarily because of medical or psychological problems.