My 22 mo old daughter has dry skin with red bumps on both upper arms. Form of eczema? What products could I try or do I need an rx?

Keratosis Pilaris. Thus sounds like a very common condition called keratosis pilaris. It is not eczema, although both commonly occur together. There is no cure but you can decrease the appearance using over-the-counter creams that gently remove excess skin build-up, such as lac-hyrdin. Also, keep the skin very well hydrated with vaseline, aquaphor, or eucerin cream.
Hydrate and moisture. Make sure she is well hydrated, water is best. Change to non scented products for laundry and skip the dryer towels. Bathe her with soaps that are not perfumed, such as dove. Apply moisturizer, again unscented while skin is damp after a short bath. Apply moisturizer several times per day. Avoid triggers in food, additives, and pollens. Try several creams and find what is agreeable to her skin.

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1 yr old has red bumps on arms, legs, back-seems to be spreading and has leathery feel. Dr said was dry skin but is spreading a lot. Could be eczema?

Skin. Yes, it sounds exactly like eczema. You can treat his with lotions or steroid creams for maximum benefit. However this process does come and go and may spread at times. Hope this helps. Read more...