Did xray blood test n doc listened to breathing. Gaveme anti biotics. Finishing tmr but I still have green phlegm n shortness of breath but 50% better?

Tincture of time. Antibiotics take time - if you're improving, give it more time and be patient. Did you have fever? Has it resolved? If you have still have fever, you should give the doc a call and see about a different or additional antibiotic.
Takes time. You had inflammation in the lungs due to infection which is resolving. It takes time for the tissues to heal completely and repair the damage. If you continue improving, that is good. If you still have fever, or green phlegm about a week after finishing treatment, you should consult your doctor.

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Hav shortness of breath, small amt. Blood in mucus phlegm no cough at all. Did xray blood test. Doc says no TB cancer. Mayb smoking. I jus quit. Help!?

Probable bronchitis. If malignancy has been ruled out, then you most likely have chronic bronchitis, a form of copd. You have already done the most important thing-quit smoking! COPD has no cure and it is slowly progressive. Treatment includes bronchodilator and steroid inhalers as well as oxygen therapy if your oxygen level is low enough to warrant it. Follow your doctor's directions for symptom control. Good luck! Read more...
Smokers cough. The bloody mucus is undoubtedly caused by irritation from your smokers cough you made the right move by stopping smoking. Read more...