My son has fever since 5 days that decreases when I give him panadol (acetaminophen).I am giving him antibiotic called clavox. What should I do or tell his doctor.?

How high the temp. You did not mention who prescribed the antibiotic. If you are giving him left over or antibiotic some one have you, please stop it and call your doc asap . What are you considering as fever?
Fever. Significant fever (>101) for 5 or more days in a 5 year old is statistically unusual. The list of possibilities is quite long and can range from a simple viral infection to many serious conditions. The place to start is a visit to a good pediatrician for a complete history and thorough physical exam. Carefully chosen imaging/ lab studies may or may not be needed to arrive at the correct dx.
Fever 5days in child. Was your on examined by a doctor or you are reating him by yourself.Panadol (acetaminophen) is fever lowering medicine.He shuld be examined by your family doctor or pediatrician to fin out what is causing the fever and get the appropriate treatment.If the antibiotic was prescribed by a doctor after examimimg the child, then finish the course and follow up with your doctor.

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