Does having short bowel syndrome effect my ability to get pregnant? I have all my collen removed and part of my small intestines when I was 2 days old

Maybe. Women with active crohns disease my have difficulty conceiving, and may have low birth weight infants. The data on fertility after colectomy for inflammatory bowel disease are mixed- two studies demonstrated a decrease in fertility of 25-80% in such patients, however a third study suggested that the risk of infertility is much lower.
Did you have NEC? Necrotizing enterocolitis (nec) is most common acquired GI illness in infants, & based on extent / acuity of surgery you may have had a severe & rapidly progressive course that affected extensive areas of small & large bowel. Also, especially if your mother was diabetic, consider GI obstruction (intestinal atresia, aganglionic megacolon, etc.). See fertility doc if trying but not getting pregnant.