Are there other ways to get chlamydia other then sexual? I was told you can get it from wipeing wrong, toilet seats

No, only from sex. You can not get chlamydia from toilet seats or any other method than intercourse or oral sex. Babies can get chlamydia eye infections from coming through the vagina of an infected mother.
No. As others have said, passage is invariable with sex, intercourse and oral. However, that said people can get a chlamydial eye infection, and touching the persons hand, and then your touching your eye can infect you. There is also chlamydia pneumonii, which causes a bronchitis. It is spread buy microdroplets from coughing!
Chlamydia=STD. Chlamydia is a std =sexually transmitted which means you have to get it from someone else --via sexual contact. You can not get it from a toilet seat or 'wiping wrong'. Chlamydia is the most common std and up to 70% women do not have symptoms! Std testing is recommended within 60 days of any new 'partners'. Early treatment is necessary to prevent complications such as p.I.D. (pelvic infection).