Are doctors in the us allowed to formally diagnose someone with myalgic encephalomyelitis, or do they have to use the diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome?

Yes. While most mds use the diagnosis "chronic fatigue syndrome, " there are many authorities who feel that myalgic enchephlomyelitis is a more accurate term for many of those with chronic fatigue. Doctors are totally allowed to use that diagnosis for those who qualify- the icd-9 code is 323.9. See http://www. Name-us. Org/defintionspages/definitionsarticles/2011%20consensus%20criteria. Pdf.
Diagnostic criteria. The term cfs is more commonin the us. As far as I know there may be no icd9 code for myalgic encephalitis but most physicans use the term cfs and no me. There are many aspects of cfs and all are not known. The term me was developed ex-us. Concerns are encephalitis is an inflmmatory condition of the CNS and no inflammation has been found in the brain. More research may clarify these issues.

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I have Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia. Seek doctor with extensive interest, knowledge and experience. Thanks?

Many issues. Based on what you wrote it is likely you will need more than one specialist. Start with your own doctor who will review your medical history, examine you, order labs, and then make future management decisions including referral.

Apparently Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is now also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis. Does this mean everyone who fits the CFS criteria has brain inflammation? I'm terribly confused about that name.

No inflammation. Otherwise we could treat CFS with aspirin or steroids. Doesn't work. Treatments include getting enough rest, exercise in small and consistent doses and lots of support. Best wishes.
It's only a name. It certainly can be confusing. But I don't think the suggested new name reflects any evidence of active brain inflammation. Here are some good articles on the change: http://www. Newyorker. Com/tech/elements/chronic-fatigue-syndrome-iom-report http://well. Blogs. Nytimes. Com/2015/02/10/chronic-fatigue-syndrome-gets-a-new-name/
Adds confusion.... ..To an already confused situation, from whether this is a specific entity, to "true" diagnostic criteria, to therapeutic approaches. Suffice to say that more research and responsible data collection is needed, rather than creating confusion for patients and providers alike.

What doctors can help me with my chronic fatigue syndrome?

Depends. There are many doctors who specialize in chronic fatigue syndrome - some are generalists, some are immunologists, and some are infectious disease specialists. Since there is no standardization to treatment, it's best to look around for a reputable physician with experience in the area. Some physicians still do not believe that this condition is real.
Rheumatologist. A rheumatologist generally is the one who has the most experience dealing with chronic fatigue states.
Depends. There are number of options for chronic fatigue syndrome but the important thing is to rule out organic causes for your symptoms. There are some physicians who have more experience on cfs but treatment modalities vary quite a bit from allopathic to alternative medicine. It's up to you and your physician to find the best treatment plan for yourself to manage the symptoms and recover from cfs.

Is there doctors that specialize in chronic fatigue syndrome?

Fatigue syndrome. Usually an internist or family practitioner is capable of handling this problem and can make appropriate referral consultation should the need arise.

What are the best resources available for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Is there a listing of doctors that specialize in CFS treatment?

Yes. There is the chronic fatigue Society of America which has a website that you can look up. I also found the following link which I did not know about called the chronic fatigue and immune deficiency syndrome Association of America which is a Wikipedia entry: http://en. M.wikipedia. Org/wiki/Chronic_Fatigue_Immune_Dysfunction_Syndrome_Association_of_America.

I have been seeing my doctor for years now and was just diagnosed for chronic fatigue syndrome. She told me there is no medication for it and to just?

Correct. There are a few things to rule out hypothyroid, anemia, epstein barr virus, cmv, all of these can cause a fatigue. I would also examine your sleep patterns, any obstructive sleep apnea (yo need not be heavy for this some have narrow airway) Make sure these are checked and if nothing is found hopefully your fatigue will re=un its course.

I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. Doctor says no meds to help. Insurance won't approve provigil. Suggestions on other meds?

Integrative Medicine. You may benefit from working with an integrative or holistic medicine physician, who may be more familiar with existing treatments for chronic fatigue than your physician seems to be. Not all treatments are "drugs, " as nutrition and other lifestyle changes can be very helpful also. You can find such experienced physicians by searching: http://www. Abihm. Org/.
Stimulants can help. Stimulant medicines such as phentermine, Ritalin (methylphenidate) or Adderall can sometimes be helpful. Over-the-counter stimulants like guarana or ginseng can also help. However, there are serious risks associated with stimulants so you should discuss with a physician before considering.