My 5 year old son has a barking cough and is vomitting. Is this just a virus or should I take him to the peds tomorrow? No fever.

Maybe croup. The characteristic cough of croup is barking of a dog or seal. It is often caused by parainfluenza viruses..Coughing can be quite bothersome and many children have post-tussive emesis (vomiiting from coughing). Try some cough syrup..Such as robitussin (guaifenesin). If not adequate, he may need to see doc for eval and treatment such as albuterol/steroid/ and stronger cough meds etc...Good luck.
Depends. It's sounds like your son has a virus that causes croup. However, this is hard to say without more information. I recommend that he be evaluated by his physician immediately to see if he has just a virus that only needs supportive care or if he has something more that needs further attention.
Barking cough. In a 5 year old who is coughing and is also vomiting , one always has to worry about the ingestion of a foreign body. If symptoms persist see your doctor or go to the er for possible x rays.
Barking cough. Barky cough is usually a sign of a virus that most people refer to as croup. Sometimes if kids are coughing a lot they will vomit after coughing. Cool mist can help a barky cough if it is just croup. Sometimes asthma can give kids a cough, even a barky cough. If your child is coughing persistently or is working harder to breath you should bring him to his doctor.