I'm 54 years old. After going 7 months without a period I had one at the end of march and it was a doosey! Pain, cramps and heavy flow. It's been ove?

Perimenopause. That is why the menopause is defined as 12 months without a menstruation. Even then, there might be an occasional mens still. This happens because the high level of stimulating hormone from the brain finally find an egg in the ovary to develop that resulted in a menstruation. Eventually, there is no more egg left and the menstruation stops forever.
See a Dr. Any bleeding at your age is abnormal. It probably is nothing to worry about...But.. It can be something serious like precancer or cancer. You definitely need a biopsy, and i would recommend that you take no hormonal medications until the biopsy is done. After the biopsy, talk to your dr. About how to prvent a recurrance and therefore the pain.