Does plica ever grow back in the knee? What is the recovery time of having plica removed and having a chondroplasty done?

No. I do not think the plica will grow back, the second part of question have to do recovery from chondroplasty depend on the amount and how sever chodroplasty is it could take about 3 month. Good luck.
No. A plica band is the remnant of tissue from when you were just an embryo. Its supposed to resorb and go away as you get bigger, but if it doesn't it can become an annoying mechanical problem. Once removed it should not recur. Recovery time from chondroplasty depends on extent of damage. It can vary from 10 days to 10 weeks.
No. As a rule they do not reoccur. Recovery depends on the degree of chondroplasty required. 2-12 weeks.