I have migrane problem can you tell me its solution or treatment?

Prevention. You may possess migraines, but other problems may be present, and it is best to be examined, and possibly have imaging of the brain. Frequent headaches, >15/month are termed "chronic daily headaches", and can be due to constant pain med ingestion. Drugs to break up these patterns include depakote, topamax, (topiramate) propranalol, and otc items such as riboflavin, co-q-10, feverfew, and butterbur.
Triptans. Young female w. Migraines best served by neurologist. My experience is that many migraineurs carry one shoulder lower with hypertrophic and spastic superior trapezius (st) muscle on higher shoulder side. Discerned by comparing girth of and tension in leading edge of each st. Does chronic muscle tension headache lead to migraines? Is there an underlying spinal scoliosis? Is one hemi-pelvis lower?