Why do I have a constant uncontrolable cough? I do smoke about a pack a day and I'm only 20.

SMOKERS COUGH. You are smoking too much at 20 years age.You may have bronchits or asthma, and you need to consult your family doctor for the reason for the constant cough.In smokers if they have a bronchial infection, it takes longer to resolve. My sincere advice is that you should seriously stop smoking.Discuss with your doctor if you have a desire to stop smoking.Good luck and quit cigarettes.
Possibilities... Possible etiologies include bronchospasm from any cause, gerd, sinusitis or a combination of factors. Bronchospasm, worsened by your smoking, or even the beginning of chronic bronchitis, a form of copd, is possible. It is vital that you quit smoking today and see your doctor for evaluation and treatment. You are risking your health!