What natural remedies can help with pmdd? I already do yoga 4 times a week and eat healthy.

Quite a few to try.. Herbal supplements have been used for centuries and so can help with menstrual symptoms--common ones: feverfew, black cohosh, evening primrose, camomille tea etc..They help some and not others, just as some modern medicines do. Addition of some otc motrin/aleve may help the cramps etc.. If symptoms are severe, consult dor for eval and treatment...Good luck.
Mel,st.j, cherry. Melatonin to help sleep, st john's wort for mood and motivation, and black cherry juice for inflamation and spasm.
Natural estrogens? I suspect hormone imbalance contributes to pmdd.I suggest adding natural Estrogens as are found in tofu to your diet.It can't hurt and it is healthy in other ways.
Difficult. There are no good studies on natural remedies omega 3 and 6 fatty acids can help mood. High dose Folic Acid may help. Pmdd is multifactoral but decreased estrogen and high Progesterone create decreased neuron connections. The most common compliant is fatigue at 93%. Healthier to treat the problem. The right meds will help natural brain function to occur. Supplements cannot match the benefits.