Which is better for treating prostate cancer an oncologist or a urologist?

Team Approach Best. A urologist is a surgeon who is trained to diagnose and surgically treat prostate cancer. A radiation oncologist is trained to provide radiation therapy to the prostate. A medical oncologist provides chemotherapy, if necessary. All 3 doctors should be on the same page regarding the best treatment for your prostate cancer.
MD for prostate ca. You really need to start with the urologist.They will be the ones to make the diagnosis.Then they can talk to you about surgical options.Referal is than to the radiation oncologist who will talk to you about the radiation options.Medical oncology doesnt usually get involved with prostate cancer until the more advanced stages.
Prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is diagnosed and managed by a urologist. If radiation is involved a radiation oncologist gets involved. Medical oncologists have a limited role in early prostate cancer.
Prostate cancer. It really depends on your stage. Oncologists typically only get involved with late stage advanced prostate cancer. Most urologists treat organ confined disease and even disease metastatic to bone.
Honestly... All 3 are often not on the same page thought they should be. We all harbor bias and it is often a strong bias. This is a field with few solid answers. We could not even say that any therapy was a benefit for early pc until 2004. Today we suggest that for many 'less is more'. I am a big big fan of do no harm and that often puts me at odds with srugery & radiation for early pc.
Urologist. A urologist is better equipped to deal with the various issues related to prostate cancer and aftereffects of treatment, e.g., erectile dysfunction, incontinence. A urologist would consult an oncologist if such service are needed.
Generally Urology. Generally a prostate cancer diagnosis starts with a urologist. He or she generally arrives at the diagnosis by biopsy of the prostate after initial abnormal clinical or laboratory evaluation by the urologist or referral from your primary care physician. Depending on several factors the urologist make provide all your treatment, refer you to a oncologist or a radiation oncologist.
Both could help. Urologists have a knowledge of the medical and surgical management of prostate cancer, and they often treat patients with both modalities. An oncologist specializing in prostate cancer can offer more advanced medical treatments as well as ensure that any other medical problems aren't affected by treatments for prostate cancer. Both are a good idea to see.