Is surgery d option for shoulder pain (impingement syndrome), which did not reduce with physio for 6 months n tricort 10mg?

Be careful. Twenties male considering shoulder operation for "impingement". Shoulder is complex bio mechanism not well understood by many doctors. If possible see osteopath for hands-on evaluation. Many bone surgeons operate based on imaging studies, which are infamous for inability to discern chronic soft tissue disorders. Failure of pt occurs if the bio mechanism disorder is not properly understood.
Injection/Surgery. Your profile states you have had impringement syndrome for 6to8years and physio and tricort which i presume is low dose steroid.It is not helping. You need an MRI evaluation to see what is going on in your shoulder and only an orthopedic surgeon can decide based on your history/physical exam;mri images if surgery/injection is indicated and will help you with your symptoms see your ortho surgeon.