Stinging pain under left breast. I'm male.

Needs to be checked. At your age any pain in in left chest needs to be checked.It may be due to chest wall pain, due to gastro esophageal reflux, cardiac pain or from the lungs. Only way we can say what it may be from by taking a detailed history, doing comprehensive physical exam and if indicated doing imaging tests, blood tests, ekg etc. So get it checked by your doctor.

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Male 38. Intermittent sharp/sting like pain (underneath left breast/lateral chest area), seems to occur with physical activity. What can it be. Why?

See a doctor. You could be experiencing angina (which is pain in chest from blocked blood flow to heart), or precordial catch syndrome, or heartburn, or other. Some of the potential causes for your pain are life-threatening. Go to doctor right away. Read more...