When on a car ride, if I look down to read or look at pics I start feeling very sick (n/v) why does that happen?

Motion sickness. The difference between what you see and what your body feels as movement can over stimulate your balance systew and make you feel nauseous. Look of into the distance to settle down. If this doesn't help, see your primary provider for further evaluation. Good luck!
Kinetosis. Motion sickness occurs when there is a disagreement between visually perceived movement and the vestibular system's (ear's) sense of movement. By looking down, your eyes can't detect the car's movement, but your ear's sense of balance can, causing the disagreement and the sick feeling.
Car sickness. The body feels movement, and the eyes confirm the movement. When there is a mismatch, the body feels movement, but the eyes don't see it because you are looking down, it triggers a primitive reflex and makes you feel sick the best way to avoid this is not to read in the car..