I love boxing too much. I've been training and geting checked by my eye doctors for retina problems. My vision also seems fine. Should I continue boxin?

Boxing. Much safer to pursue sports that do not involve so many blows to the head, as each of these can be a little bit of trauma that add up.
Why Not. Do you have a retina problem.You did not say if you have a retina condition.But if you have been examined and cleared by your opthalmologist for boxing, there should be no problem you boxing. If you have not discussed this with your eye doctor do it and make sure it is cleared by him/her.
Accept risks or not. There are risks to getting up in the morning...And risks from staying in bed. If boxing is something you enjoy, then you must acknowledge and accept the risks associated with it. Rd is a risk, but not high frequency (unless you don't effectively guard/block against head shots well). The eye dr should be able to give you better #s for occurrence in boxers.
Depends . Do you actually have a retina problem or are you just being screened? If you are at a higher risk for a retinal tear or detachment, it would certainly be dangerous to continue boxing. If you don't have any increased risk of tearing the retina, then boxing should be fine.
If you have. Retina problems it would be best to stop boxing before they become major or you loose vision. Repeated trauma to the head catches up w/us eventually and people can have headache, memory loss, etc. Later in life. Ask you eye doc about other forms of exercising. Peace and good health.