I have pcos. What type of diet should I be following to loose weight. I gained weight following weight watchers.?

PCO AND WEIGHT. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is assoiated with Insulin resistance and diabetes mellitus.You have to be on a restricted carbohydrate diet and you should avoid big fatty meals.Cut down on simple sugars, fructose, glucose and sucrose completely, limit fruit luices, eliminate sodas, eat diet rich in fruits vegetables, whole grains, nuts and small amount of meat and eggs, and whole grain cereals.
Diet and exercise. With pcos you will have some Insulin resistance, similar to type 2 diabetes. The ideal way to reduce this is to lose weight. There really is no magic diet. It really comes down to number of calories in vs out. 2 areas where people dont recognize caloric intake are simple sugars and liquid calories. (jucie and alcohol) carbs are not bad, but get most of your carbs from vegetables.