How long does a cervical block with steroids affect your blood sugar?

A few days. Depending on the amount injected it will probably affect the blood sugar minimally for a few days. After all it is a glucosteroid, .
It shouldn't. Effect your blood sugar very much or for vry long. It depends on the doses used and the type of sterid.
Sugar after block. I have had several patients have epidural steroid injections and are diabetic. Based on their reports, it has taken anywhere from a day to five days for their blood sugar to normalize. I think there are a lot of factors that determine this, including how well controlled your blood sugar was in the first place, the type of medications you use, the amount and type of steroid used, etc.
A few days. It would depend on the type of steriod injected. Usually a long acting depomedrol (methylprednisolone) type drug is used just once. This may last for a week but each day the effect woudl be less and the effect woudl be steady so the control of the sugar shodul not be difficult. It woudl not beas difficult lets way and twice daily doses of a drug that lasts for 3 hours.