Is blood pressure higher in the am or pm?

End of day. Blood pressure tends to be higher after stress exposure - if you spent a day exercising and relaxing, your BP may be lower - of if taken at the end of a stressful day it will probably be higher. Ideal BP is 115/70-75. Get yourself a home BP cuff if you have a problem - i would recommend the traditional type as electronic devices are not very accurate.If you have high BP in am, you should see md.
Complex. Highest levels of blood pressure occur after 10 am with a peak around noon but often with a plateau extending to 6 pm. Leading up to this, there is a rise in pressure from the time of waking or before (about 6 am), with the pressure rising by up to 20/15 mmhg in most people. There is a decline in pressure of 10-20% in the late evening and on going to sleep. See my comment.