What types of cheese can I feed a child who has a milk allergy?

Avoid bovine. With true bovine (cow ) milk allergy, which is rare, you want to avoid any cow milk related products.(cheese or otherwise) feta cheese, made from goat milk is a reasonable product that is readily available. If your child has simple milk intolerance due to its lactose content (1/4 americans) many bovine cheeses have minimal amounts. Verify the difference-allergy vs intolerance, life might be easier.

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My child is 10 months old and has cow milk allergy. Can I try giving her some cheese?

Depends. Goat cheese would not have the risk associated with cow milk exposure.If you kid has a true milk allergy, and not just lactose intolerance, you should avoid any milk bearing product. Please clarify this with the kids doc. Read more...