What is the name of the disease where a baby or child's bones break easily?

O.I. One is osteogenesis imperfecta.. It is a genetic disorder where bones break for no apparent reason. There are different types, all varying in severity.
Osteogenisis imperfe. The lengthy name is osteogenisis imperfecta, translated means imperfect bone generation. It comes in a vrietyofforms from very severe & likely not to survive the first month or milder forms that are compadible with longer survival.
Osteogenesis imperfe. Osteogenesis imperfecta aka lobstein disease, brittle bone disease, blue sclera syndrome, and fragile bone syndrome. I learned about this condition, but fortunately never had to take care of a child/adult living with this condition..In severe case, a multidisciplinary approach is need to care for such a complicated condition.. Have fun learning about it..
Breaking bone diseas. Ostogenesis imperfecta has several forms. It is fairly rare and used to be misdiagnosed as child abuse. Occasionally unscrupulous lawyers try to blame this disease for injuries caused by child abusers.