What is the best supplement to give to a child 4 yrs old with trouble sleeping? Melatonin? Fish oil?

Why cant he sleep? First of all, try to find the cause for your child sleep problem. Does he take naps late afternoon? Does he rough house or play sports right before sleep? Does he drink cola, tea or other sources of caffeine. Does he have a set bed time? Tv before bed? Keep in mind his own computer, his brain, has to power down and he needs at least 45 min to do this. Go to bed and wake up at the same time daily.

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I have been taking supplements vitamin e, melatonin, and fish oil every day along with claritin. Are any of these dangerous to be combining?

No. Melatonin should be taken at bedtime. Vitamin e and fish oil can be combined with claritin. Need to be careful with the vitamin e and fish oil around the time of any surgeries or dental work as they can increase bleeding. Read more...