Macrocytic anemia, iron 160, and feritin800. Numbers are aftrt teo month of maltofer pill. B12, kidney, liver, wbc, platelets, neutrophil normal. Why?

Stop iron. Stop iron. Follow up with your hematologist or whoever gave iron to you. Check thyroid , and thyroid antibody to make sure you don't have hashimoto's etc and other blood work for macrocytosis. Can't answer much without seeing you in person. What is your iron saturation percentage?

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Ferritinin 800, iron 167. And macrocytic anemia. Liver, kidney, wbc, platelets, neutrophil, B12 normal. Why? Is it preleukemia?

At least 2 problems. You realize that we can't diagnose you. With the very high serum ferritin and up-there serum iron, assuming the blood was not drawn during an acute illness, you have hemochromatosis until proved otherwise. How anemic you are, whether this is real macrocytosis, what your physical findings and other labs are are best known to your hematology consultation. Hope nobody gave you iron supplements. Read more...