I suddenly have a very sore throat only on the right side and the pain is also in my ear too. Body aches as well. What could I have?

See doc. Could be a strep throat. Especially if you have swollen glands on the neck on that side. Left untreated a strep throat will get better but you risk rheumatic fever later.
Urti. You may have a upper respiratory tract infection. Consult your doctor to get a thorough physical examination and then discuss the treatment options.

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I've had sore throat, stuffy ears that sometimes have stabing pains and body aches for 2 weeks maybe more. Just noticed a swollen lump under my ear?

Flu like illness. These symptoms need further evaluation by a doctor. I don't know what 'risk factors' you have for any communicable disease, but I would want to look in your throat and check some blood work. It's possible you just have something like infectious mono, but u deserve a proper diagnosis. Hope you can see a doctor this week. That lump is a lymph node-your body is trying to fight this, but u need an MD. Read more...

I have been ill the last 3 days now, symptoms have increased and got worse. Body aches, excessive sweating in my sleep, sore throat, ear ache. Help?

Flu like illness. Your symptoms suggest an upper respiratory infection like the flu, which has continued much later this year in some areas, did you get flu shot? Other viruses and sometimes bacteria could cause this syndrome. If you are in good health, Plenty of fluids and tylenol (acetaminophen) one tab tid If you have chronic illness, would consult your doctor. Read more...